Monday, July 6, 2009

An open letter to America

Dear America,
You need to get your crap together on this giant robot thing. I keep passing out while trying to watch these movies of a full size Gundam Robot statue being built in Japan. And it looks soooooooooo sexy when lit up at night.
I'm not saying the Transformers in the new movies don't look awesome, but the movies are just crap and you seem to think that big explosions are all that matters. We need a more physical homage to our robot heroes. You need to build a giant Optimus Prime based on the old original toy. Build in someplace in middle America where you build cars, or in New York next to the UN building in honor of how Optimus Prime believes in protecting life in all its forms, shapes and colors. I'm pretty certain this Japanese Gundam is more than a statue. Their hiding their newest weapon in plain sight and we need to be prepared. Even if it's not a weapon, it's way cooler than almost any statue we have in America except for the Superman statue in Metropolis Illinois. I'm warning you America, I may take my portion of Chakakahnistan and move to Japan if you don't start building giant robots now.


Wednesday, July 1, 2009


We are scheduled to shoot a couple of shorts this Friday. Will MOTHbot finally get that electric toothbrush he's been saving up for? Will Dekx win his bet and go 7 whole days without eating bacon? Will Frankenstein's monster ever forgive Dr. Frankenstein for not giving him a horse's cock?

Tune in to our YouTube channel in the next week or two to find out!