Tuesday, August 26, 2008


So I started watching this the other day at work. I don't quite recall how I came upon it. In any event, I found it to be incredibly compelling. I couldn't stop watching it! Until I imagined somebody walking into my cube and catching me staring adoringly at it. Once I imagined myself trying to explain to my boss why I had Ronald JapDonald freaking the fuck out on my screen, turning it off was the only logical course of action. Enjoy!!

EDIT: As soon as I put this up on the site I started watching the video again and got sucked back in! I just can't shake the feeling that this is getting me ready for something. Like I need to watch it so I can be reprogrammed so I'll be ready for when we have to fight the first wave of AI robots or something. Or maybe they're peparing me for a life of servitude. MOTHy and I can hang out in our future-track suits and watch bizarre Japanese McDonald's remixes all day on the Holo-Vid until it's our turn to be harvested for parts to build ZombiOts: The first Robot-Zombie hybrid. And one day, the Good Lord willing, we'll be able to infect the flesh with lycanthropy AND zombie-ism to make the most powerful being of all time!

The Werombiot. BOOGILY!
Or else it's just some weird shit from a weird culture.
Or is it?


mothbot said...

Somewhere, William Gibson and Max Headroom are at a bar drinking and crying.

Andrew said...

Dekx!!! W RU??? WTB