Thursday, April 17, 2008

Good news for Zombies who love good news

Just so the undead don't feel left out...
I worry that there's mis-information here, but haven't read every article yet. The site makes a good supplement to World War Z and the Zombie Survival Guide.

More good news for Robots who love good news

We here at RLZ are still busy setting up things on our new home, Planet Baracus. But our agents, minions, henchmen, lackeys and attaches have been scouring the internets for Robot and Zombie news. The first comes from "Agent Girlfriend" who notified me of a new exhibit that everyone should see. I'm a big fan of Carnegie Melon's Robot Hall of Fame and have spent a lot of time reading about the inductees.
Another agent of ours sent in reports that the San Jose Museum of Art is having a wonderful exhibit of robots in art. I took one look at the list of artists in the show and decided I have to make a field trip to see it. It's on until October, so you have no excuses.


Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Move to Japan for the Robots

While we here in the Nation/Church/Republic of Chakakahnistan, Inc. await approval for our takeover of the planet Baracus, I'm contemplating a move for robots. Now, I could move to Japan where the robot uprising is guaranteed to begin, or I could just find a way to harness technology to move Japan here. You see, I'm too lazy to pack up my cats and head off to some island that regularly gets destroyed by gigantico lizerds. So, I need a way to teleport the entire island nation to here in the American West. It may be tough for them to adjust to the desert after so many years surrounded by water, but the robots will help them through it and Godzilla will have to attack Hong Kong instead.
So, if anyone has a lead on a massive teleporter, let me know. I've checked e-bay and craig's list, but only found one person teleporters and dubious time machines that are made of things that aren't Delorians.