Monday, December 17, 2007


Today, December 17th is sorta a stand-in for Beethoven's birthday. Historians are unsure of the actual date, his family often celebrated it on the 16th and he was baptized on the 17th. So get your ipods out, or your CDs, or go online to something like slacker radio or Rhapsody and listen to the 4th movement of Beethoven's 9th. The Ode to Joy. This is MOTHbot's official choice as "The Most Beautiful Piece of Music EVER." (Run on sentence of exuberance alert) -Not only did this work figure peominently in A Clockwork Orange; but the final Chorale is the soundtrack to my dreams of watching acres of zombies get blown to bits by rockets and missles and bombs while I fire a machine gun into the oncoming horde until the barrel melts and I die being overwhelmed by masses of the undead who then get obliterated by the several hunderd pounds of explosives I've surrounded myself with. Don't think for one minute that the oddness of destroying masses of what once were humans while listening to a masterpiece about the triumph of human spirit and brotherhood escapes me. I'm thinking about a much bigger picture here. I am embracing o ye millions all right. Embraceing their undead asses with beams of lead-jacketed death. I'm thinking like a cinematographer, making a scene that god himself will sit up and notice. I want him to look down from his heavenly livingroom to see this crazy bastard offering himself and several hundred undead up to the universe in perfect time with the final German crecendo of Joy and power and think "Look at that crazy freakin' MOTHbot! He knew what he wanted to do with his life and his death so he did it!"
So go out and find the soundtrack to your own destruction. Find the song that will show the zombies, and all the dieties in the world that you mean freakin' business. Tell the universe "This is how I'm gonna die, this will be the soundtrack and I won't accept anything less!"
Make mine Beethoven!

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