Thursday, January 17, 2008

Monkey-Bot! Cyper Poo-Fling Attack!!!!

More great news from across the sea. The wonderful mad scientists of Japan have a robot that's linked to a monkey brain. While Robots and Zombies consume most of my brain space, many of you also know that Superman and Primates take up the rest. In my cube here at work I have the Superman-Robot action figure with Beppo the Super Chimp. One of the many points I often make about why I like DC a bit more than Marvel is that DC has way more Apes. BUt Marvel does have the Zombies market pretty much cornered, so that's a big point for them. Anyway, back to the Japanese. You can read here about their monkey controlled bot.
And you can read the Wikis about Beppo and Superman Robots here.

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