Monday, January 28, 2008

When Mediocre Robots go Bad

I am sick today. I think I caught some bug from my girlfriend, or maybe at Dekx & Cos. weekend fiesta. We stayed up most of the night playing Halo and swearing at each other and ate an entire third world nation's worth of junk food. This can make a system... unstable. To top it off, I had to drive girlfriend to the airport, in snow, turn around and pick her up due to long delays, and stay on stand-by for a while in case the flight got back on track and we had to scramble back to catch a plane. Luckily, the flight got canceled and girlfriend got a morning flight to Vegas with little trouble.
But here's the fun part; Not only am I driving around in snow at all hours on little sleep with my entire being polluted with late night cake pizza and soda, my phone alarm starts and won't stop. A day later, if I power up my phone, my annoying alarm tune fires up and won't stop for anything except incoming calls. I can't make outgoing. I have to hit the "dismiss" button and very quickly hit the menu button during the brief pause and try to look through menus while my phone blares at me. I managed to erase the appointment in the calendar to see if that would kill it, but it just comes up with no alarm description and bleats away at me. I looked online for help, but my menus don't show a reset option where everyone else says it should, so I have to go to the store. Have you ever gone to your cellphone carriers' store? I hate mine. It's like a mini DMV - post office. All the people there are schlubby and slow and obviously hate their job. So, my little pocket robot stays off so I don't have to listen to him cry and cry and cry, but dragging my sick tired ass across town in snow makes me cry and cry and cry.


battlmnkey said...

get an iphone.

mothbot said...

I want an iPhone real bad. My dad was talking to me about getting me one for my birthday, but I have a year left at Sprint and while I could ditch now and pay their early termination fee, I refuse to give those bastards 400 bucks to get rid of a mediocre phone. Once my contract is up though, I'll have an iPhone for sure.

Pamela said...

I'm sure you know all about this guy already but just in case you don't here's his webpage;

It's like he *gets* you, man.

mothbot said...

Yep. I have an Eric Joyner sketch from one of my many comic book conventions! Thanks Citizen Pam.