Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Gogol Bordello Update

Gogol Bordello are my new heroes. I was worried that no one in Reno would show up, and the band would leave without playing a single song when they saw an anemic turnout. I was wrong. Just about every hippie, jock, hipster, freak and wanna-be freak in town showed up. The place was just packed! We skipped most of the opening band, Skindred. They reminded me of early Faith No More but with Reggae and that scary growly yelling that I don't really like.
Gogol came out and rocked the place. It made me want to punch dance but I'm too polite for that. They have an Aztec Hype Man who gives the crowd that crazy intense South American stare like he's gonna eat your heart raw while he gets the crowd jumping. I think the Aztec Hype Man may be one of the greatest inventions ever. I dare say he could kick Flava Flave's ass pretty easily unless Chuck D and Terminator X showed up to save Flava with some magic giant clock. Otherwise, Aztec Hype Man whips out his stone dagger and tosses Flava's steaming entrails up to the gaping maws of Qxetzlqoatl and Xochimlxkcho.
The crowd was already pretty tired by the time Gogol Bordello took their first little break and then they came back and rocked out for another 20 minutes! They played an extended rock-out version of Undestructable that was just incredible and I got to shake the Professor's hand (violin) and touch Eugene Hutz's shoulder. I didn't get to keep either of the dancers/back-up singers. I hear one of them is dating Elija Wood and all. That's OK. I'll wait. I got time...

Oh, Yeah. The show rocked. I still haven't washed the hand that touched Eugen Hutz and the other two hands are jealous.
And I got a Gogol Bordello t-shirt.



Pamela said...

Gawdammit. DAMN DAMN DAMN!!!!

Yeah, we were visiting the grandparents when GB came to town and we missed the whole damn thing. Glad to know we missed something spectacular. But, if the crowd was that great, maybe they'll come back.

We can only hope.

Pica Maloria said...

Also veryveryveryvery jealous. Good think Cabo was great.