Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Trading Up?

Humon Girlfriend Unit: CV2000 has sent this article on to me.
Now, the article states that the target market will be "lonely adult men". I happen to want one of these even though I have a humon girlfriend unit. I know they'll be jealous of each other. One of them will always be feeling like I spend too much time and have more fun with the other. They'll make sharp comments about each others' hair even though they both have cute hair cuts. I may accidentally slip and call one by the others name, but they'll just have to get used to it. Hell, my humon girlfriend unit confuses me and her dogs all the time!
The main difference that I see, besides the singing dancing and handing out business cards, is the automatic kissing. Robo girlfriend can detect my approach and prepare to give me a sweet smooch. That's right humon Girlfriend Unit CV2000, No more denying me kisses because my breath smells like ass, or because I've been ignoring you for days while working on perfecting my anti-zombie creams and lotions. Robo girlfriend will kiss me whenever I want her too.
And Robo girlfriend, quit puckering up whenever my cats walk by. I'm just not into that.

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