Thursday, August 30, 2007

The Beginning-ing....

In The Beginning-ing, there were nerds: Mighty Robot and Zombie nerds with only desires to infect, self-replicate, and occasionally dry-hump stuff. But soon there came a time when so many nerds roamed the earth that they began to war. Robot assimilated Robot, Zombie ate Zombie, and there was strife and so forth. Arguments that not only had a marginal basis in reality, but were also completely pointless raged across the lands. Each nerd developed scientific principles and technology to better wage their wars. And so it was that the Rectum Scale was developed as a measurement of how gay a thing was, nerds invented a laser that would only burn paper containing Rob Leifeld drawings, a time machine was created that would only follow alternate time lines of science fiction television shows, and many other incredible feats of marvel were achieved.

The Nerd Havoc, as it would one day be called, was coming to a dangerous, if somewhat gangly and out of shape head. The world was nearing its end. But there was one Robot and one Zombie who did not carry hatred in their hearts, but only tender, semihetero, he-love for each the other. Together they spread a message of peace and understanding. They spread a message urging the world's nerds to join forces - not unlike issue #76 of World's Finest Comics in which Superman and Batman team up to save Lois Lane from the roof of a burning building - and stop atrocities like Star Trek: Voyager.

Despite hitting a solid 6.5 on the Rectum Scale, these two prophets became well known and venerated through out every nation on Earth. Wars about who actually wrote the screenplays for Episodes IV, V and VI ceased. Nerds no longer stabbed and gouged each other to resolve whether or not a Delorian was the appropriate means of time travel. And the Hanna-Barbara Genocide came to an end.

It was a time of peace and prosperity.

It was a time when geeks, nerds, weirdoes, and freaks laid down their arms and decided to run Shadow Labs together in the name of fraternal honor and respect.

It was the time when... Robot Loved Zombie


Lynell said...

I like Robots and Zombies.

Faust said...

Mothybaby, you rock like Supes, yo.


mothbot said...

Awww. Love you too Batsy.