Friday, August 31, 2007

The Competition-ing 2.0

So, I'm all stoked about the team of TV car robots I'm about to build, and Dekx has to take a giant crap all over it just because he doesn't like Starsky and Hutch. First he tries telling me that it's from the wrong decade, even though the Batmobile is older. Then he tries telling me he thought I was talking about the cartoon batmobile from the Super Friends or some shit like that. I wonder why I haven't kicked this guy in the neck already!
Anyway. I had sent him a sketch of the Batmobile and Bot a few days before, so I knew that he was either just playing stupid, or just plain stupid. Either way, I have to kill him.

So I angrily drew up a sketch of this bad ass robot.
Someday, I want to draw it in Starsky mode. It will basically turn into a robot form of Paul Michael Glaser, with big hair and crappy coat.

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