Thursday, April 9, 2009

The next step in my iLife is almost here.

I don't just let my iPhone tell me my appointments and what time it is anymore. I've now shut down the parts of my brain that deal with spacial location and just check my google maps App to figure out where I am at all times. The last thing I need to give up is awareness of self. I'll have to keep a photo of myself and all my relevant info on my iPhone and check it every so often. You see, it's no longer a symbiotic relationship. My iPhone is actually taking over being me. It is almost the sentient being with tasks and appointments and contacts. It has the REAL life and I am becoming the brainless beast of burden that carries it around to all it's appointments. I take it to have lunch with it's iFriends and play it's favorite iTunes. I may be the one that plugs it in at night so it can charge, but it's in charge of me. My sleek and stylish master. If my iPhone had legs, or knew how to drive a car (still can't parallel park) it would just kill me off and take over being me. So, when you saw me walking down the street and you said "Hey Mothbot! How's it going?" It would be my iPhone that glared at your stupid cheerful morning-ness. It would be my iPhone that hated you and your stupid white trash Blackberry.

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NellBot said...

I wish I had an iPhone so I could be an iBuddy and have iFriends.