Thursday, June 18, 2009

RLZ Philosophy Schools

Effective immediately every member of Chakakhanistan is required to attend one of the following schools of philosophy:

Dekx's Schroedinger's Razor:
If you cut open a kitten, it's definitely in the box, ipso fatso, the shortest distance between two lines is a point. You should be able to win pretty much any argument with that little gem.

MOTHbot's Occam's Cat:
The best solution is to keep trimming away cats until you have the simplest and most likeliest cat whose gravity equals the inverse square of it's distance from the box. Ergo, you can lead a horse to a black hole but it won't lay eggs.

Choose wisely, people. It's quite likely that while your lives will depend on which school you select, you will probably confuse the officers of the C.P.D. which will cause them to kill you just to be safe.

Dekx, High Grand Pubah of Public Relations and Killing Shit
MOTHbot, Grand High Pubah of Stabbing Kittens and Getting Caught by His Mom

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