Friday, July 25, 2008

Doo'Doo Doo Doo'Doodleooh, Dooooo Doo

Peep the sexy shoes. I got these just over two years ago and wore them about three times then promptly forgot about them. Today I found them in the bottom of the entryway closet and realized that they're awesome all over again.

So I'm in my Umps Whicky ONE shoes today. Don't be surprised if I bust out any number of the Four Elements of Hip Hop on your cracker asses. I may bust a rhyme, I may bust a move, I may bust out my beat box skillz, or I may bust out some ill turntablism to your dome. I may do all four, mutha' fucka'!

Queue Dr. Dre's Dre Day for these bitches, Mix Masta MOTHbot.



NellBot said...

I like my Chuck Taylors better!!

Dekx said...

Well then go start your own goddamn blog, woman.

Although you DO look awfully cute in your Chucks...