Tuesday, October 16, 2007


I love techno-pop! I heard the track "fashion freak" by the band Naked Apes and thought "Hey, that's pretty good stuff." I looked them up on the net and found the video for the song. And it had zombies in it!!! Not just any zombies, but hot zombie chicks washing cars!!! Bonus!
Which reminds me. "Big Brat" by Phantom Planet has to be my second favorite zombie music video after Thriller. Heart warming and fun. Just like zombies should be!
Once I start watching zombie movies, I can't stop. Just like the undead can't stop eating brains, so let's get some more. Hit us up with your favorite Zombie songs and or music videos.



Pamela said...

Duuuuuuuuude.....I loved the rabid chihuahua in the first one! Those undead chicks got me warm in the knickers and I'm straight...maybe I'm a closet necrophiliac, which is really really freaking my shit out. Keep the recommendations coming....these fookin' rocked.

mothbot said...

Thanks Pamela. I pretty much forgot about the Chee-whah-whah. Totally overwhelmed by fantasies of getting my car washed by zombie chicks. So to speak. If you know what I mean. Wink Wink nudge nudge...

battlmnkey said...

Last night, I watched Night of the Living Dead for the first time!

mothbot said...

They're coming to get you Barbara!
The old B&W or the color remake? Personally, I like them both. But the original just warms my heart.