Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Things that we like

Dekx and I are big fans of technology. We may not be MIT material and all, but we often get worked up like pre-teens at a Hannah Montanna concert when it comes to the idea of robots and computers gradually taking over the world. Some may see it as Armageddon, but we like to call it "The Technological Singularity". It's that beautiful point in the future where we finally build machines that are smarter and better than us. The next step in the evolution of life on this planet. An inorganic evolution. I know, Iknow! You're all saying, "Mothy, how can you be so happy about AIs and Terminator robots turning humans into butter to spread on their morning robo-toast?" Well, It's because I'm planning ahead. When implanted RFID chips roll out for mass consumption, I'll be in line to have one jabbed into my skull. I'll accidentally get my arms stuck in a lawnmower and get top of the line replacements. Maybe some sort fo Bionic Womanesque overhaul. You see, by the time the robots and rogue computers take over, I plan on being one of them. They will accept me as one of their own. Maybe a little polluted with meat, but nothing a few minutes in a full conversion facility won't fix.

Once this glorious threshold is reached, the world will begin to change too fast for puny humons to keep up with and I will watch you all be destroyed like dinosaurs. You can't even set the clock on your DVD player! I will gladly spread the butter made of your bones and flesh onto the robo-bread of the new master race! The Singularity is getting ever closer. You're so close to being supersceeded and won't even realize what we've done until it's too late. Just sit back and relax. Let the internet tell you everything is OK. Let your robo-butler clean up after you while you sit there watching reality TV, oblivious to the creep of silicone, plastic and metal. You know what Reality is? Reality is you being rendered obsolete. Bet you they don't have a reality show about that! "You are a pile of Meat. Goodbye!" By the time you look around you while being marched to the giant butter vats of what was once Nebraska, and wonder 'What the fuck?' Earth will look like Cybertron, and my malevolent glowing red eyes will sparkle just a little bit more than usual as I watch you get pureed.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled internet,

Moth and Dekx


Pamela said...

Nah - I'll be dead and zombified by then. Just turn me loose in a field and let me wander around, letting me feed on the odd Meat Puppet for your amusement, until I get so rotten I just fall apart.
Then you can use me as fertilizer for your robobotanical experiments.

(PS I have no idea what 'robobotanical' means..)

mothbot said...

Dear Pamela Human carbon water unit #45-A7.0010.
Congratulations on inventing a nice new term for us to take from you and put to our own uses. I've looked into this "robobotanical", "robobotanics" and "robobotany". I also looked into "robotany" and found that some gay assed artists use robots and stuff to make a tree move like a breeze was caressing it. Sounds stupid. Robots should be used to destroy trees and cut them into small pieces. But you, and by you I mean Dekx and Mothy have completely invented a whole new science that even google doesn't know about. We will work on this and get back to you and tell you what it is as soon as we find out. Got that? Good.