Sunday, October 7, 2007

Titanic Gigantic Idiot

I've tried to make it clear how much I hate Dekx and how stupid he is some times. He really shines when it comes to wanting a team of Transformers designs based on TV Celebrity Cars. My team is all cool cars with style and instant recognizability. Dekx on the other hand blurts out only the biggest and stupidest things he's seen on TV. So, while his robots will be mammoth and combine to form a gestalt robot that will be mammoth times mammoth plus mammoth times two. So, It'll be pretty big. I estimate about 120 feet tall. My gestalt Celebrity Car robot will be lucky if it clears 45 feet. As I've mentioned in earlier posts, one of the most aggravating parts of Dekx's sillyness is the not the inclusion of the TV motorcycle "Street Hawk" on a team that includes two tractor trailors and a helicopter (Air Wolf), but his insistence of having "Titanic" the RV from Trapper John, MD. I can find no pictures of the RV to work from except a tiny JPEG Dekx sent me. "I remember it looking like this." he says. I squinted at the three quarter inch by half inch picture for a few minutes, cursed Dekx and his family for a thousand generations and set to work on illustrating what is quite possibly the stupidest and most humiliated Transformer to ever exist. I've inked up the beast but have no reliable guide for coloring this picture. Perhaps this is for the best, as I'm sure Titanic would be humiliated for everyone to see him change from an awesome warrior robot to a shitty 78 Winnebego or some such crap. So, here's the inked up picture of Titanic. I'll try to find the tiny RV picture Dekx sent me. In the mean time if anyone has a good screen shot of this elusive RV, please contact me and remember; Dekx is an idiot.


Jackwrench said...

First image on Google Images search. Being as I never saw the show, I don't know if that's the one, but... it's the best I can do on really short notice with the least amount of effort possible.


mothbot said...

Is this supposedly the one from Trapper John? Dekx made it seem like it was an RV and not just some modified van. Now that I know, I'm pretty sure the A-Team Van is gonna kick Titanic's ass. THis is why I hate Dekx sooooooo much.


Dekx said...

It was an R.V., you fucking bitches! Recognize the awesomeness of Titanic! Fucking recognize!!!

And you best watch your back, A-Team: Titanic pitties the foo' with a terrible robo-haircut.


Dekx said...

GOD! And beside, just LOOK at him!! He's magnificent.

The color scheme should be beige, light brown, and a dirty off-white, by the way.

Jackwrench said...

Hey, I'm only bring the message that Google brought me. Don't shoot the messenger.

Besides... pretty hard to make an RV cool, no matter what it turns into. Unless the thing that it turns into likes anal and has pleasantly large, rounded yabos. Then it might be pretty awesome.


battlmnkey said...

Will it have a FART CLOSET, DEXT!?!??!

Dekx said...

WOOOO!! Fart Closet for the win!!