Friday, October 12, 2007

I now pronounce you Man and Robot...

Corporate P – Friend of Mothy and Dekx sent us this little article. It made me clap and squeal with glee and joy so I brought it over here.

I'm really looking forward to when the robot I marry decides she don't love me no more, or catches me fucking a cell phone and takes half of everything I own in a messy divorce. But she can have the fucking kids, I'm keeping the Aibo!
The thing with robot sex is that I'm not really into the creepy robot wrapped in a silicone skin to look like a human style. If I want to make the sexy with a human, I'll go make sexy with a human. I want to hump something that looks like the Bjork-bots in the "All is Full of Love" music video. Why?
1. Silicone skin only lasts about a year. It stains easily and starts to melt at the joints and other areas that generate heat. And silicone skin would be expensive as hell to replace every year.
2. I want a sexy robot! I want to be banging against her slutty plastic and titanium parts. I don't mind if "certain areas" are made of something a little more... pliable. But mostly, I want people to know that I am fucking a robot and not just boning someone recovering from third degree burns and a terrible collagen mishap.

There are exceptions. I did find a picture of a naked chick with one of those Optimus Prime helmets on. That was really hot! So I might go for some cyborg action but you gotta see some metal to hot up a true robophile!MOTHbot

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