Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Hip to the Hop

While Dekx has been on the rap scene for ages, I'm coming to it late after a decade long hiatus. I'm a little bit older than Dekx (not counting any time travel or pocket universe action to keep it simple, otherwise Dekx is about ten thousand years older than all of us an yet has been born yet in this timeline. It's complicated to say the least.) but after about '87, I pretty much stopped listening to rap music except for what few tracks got radio play. About 5 years ago, I found myself listening to more and more hip-hop. Mostly Jay-Z, Dr. Dre and Outkast. Now I'm almost always on a rap-geek binge thanks to XM radio. Me and Dekx rock "The Rhyme" to bang some of that old school flavah. The thing about "The Rhyme" that I love is that it mostly plays 80s to early 90s rap. So, one minute it's Dre and Snoop, and then it's Run D. MC or the Fat Boys.

My gem for the morning while driving to work: Protect Yourself/My Nuts by the Fat Boys. Protect Yourself was the FB's public service message about wearing condoms so you don't get AIDS. Message raps are always awkward and stilted, almost uncomfortable to listen to. 20 plus years passing doesn't help at all. It sounded like a rap your 50 year old-white-burnt out hippie lady Health Class teacher would dress up in a "hip-hop" costume and bust out in class to "teach" you about STD's. Just trying and picture one of your old teachers rocking back with her arms crossed, trying to look hip, "Weeerrrrrrd!"

My Nuts is probably the real gem here; one of those funny songs where they rap about their nuts and you think they're talking about testicles. But if you listen all the way to the end, you'll find out that they are talking about each other. So very clever! You can look for it on their 1987 album Crushin'.

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Jackwrench said...

Right on the cutting edge of hip hop, man...

Bleeding. Edge.