Saturday, September 29, 2007

More Old Zombie Hunting

I still have some of these to do, but haven't gotten around to it. Here's some friends all suited and booted for the zombie apocalypse.


Dekx said...

Cocked, locked and ready to rock, mutha fuckas!

Minya said...

I want this on my wall!

Lynell said...

That is my new desktop wallpaper at work.


Jackwrench said...

I like the fact that I get to kick the Christ-loving crap out of zombies up close and personal.

And that I've apparently lost weight in the heat of battle after the zombiepocalypse. I don't want to sound like a chick or nothin', but that makes my heart all atwitter. AND my pants... well, we won't go into details, but rest assured, there's a reaction there too.