Thursday, September 6, 2007


So MothBot and I were rolling to lunch yesterday in his Working Man's Batmobile when he fired up the ol' satellite radio. It's often set to one of countless Techno stations, but I was still pretty shocked to hear a bizarre combination of Techno and Latin Oompa. There were the high-pitched synth sounds any techno fan knows and loves, but the song had a break-neck speed, Oompa-Oopma tuba thing, and what appeared to be accordian that had been altered slightly with a computer.

It was impossible to hear the song and not simultaneously think, "Techno" and "Latin Oompa". I was blown away. So I said to Mothy, I said, "What the fuck? Techno and Mexican music? It's MexicO!!" Normally, when I combine two words I really look for a balance between getting as much of each original word in the new one, but this was too glorious to let pass.

So when you're at your next rave be sure to ask the DJ to spin some MexicO. If he doesn't know what it is then you should leave the rave, because it will be the lamest rave of all time and space.


P.S. If there are any MexicO musicians or fans, we'd love to hear your favorites. Send them to robotloveszombie at gmail dot com.

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