Tuesday, September 25, 2007

News From the MOTH Cube

After 5 months of working a cube job, the movie Office Space is now 7 times funnier than it already was. I several neighbors that I just plain hate, and other neighbors who I only hate when they are talking too loud. One such neighbor and his friends like to analyse the previous night's TV at top volume. Most of last season's Heroes was spoiled for me in this manner. So, since 10 am they have been discussing this season's premier. I watched it and they can't really spoil anything for me, but I think I'm still bitter about how much they ruined last season. To top it all off, other neighbors will join in the discussion from their own cubes. Soon they are all hollering back and forth about Sylar and viruses and new characters. My only remedy is to drown them out with System of a Down or Rage Against the Machine at an uncomfortable volume. Since I'm more in the mood for softer, ultra-loungey music today, I have to put myself in a bad mood with some of the angriest sounding music ever made by humans. All this really does is make me want to run to each of their cubes and kick them in the face. Or maybe climb over the cube wall and elbow drop them in their face region like the Ultimate Warrior.
It's 10:26 now and they're still going at it. I just checked. I think they're talking Survivor now, but I don't watch that crap.
If I had a superpower right now, I'd want one where I could walk into each of their cubes, place a finger to my lips and "Shhhhhhhhh" they'd fall quiet and not be able to talk for the rest of the day.

P.S. Co-worker Jay just came over to have me check files on a DVD and when he handed it to me, I got a static shock through my headphones!! You know that little tab of ear meat that sorta covers yer ear-hole? That got shocked! My ear meats are not used to electric currents!


Lynell said...

I'm having a crappy day too, as you read on the Tent. Pretty much all people are on my shit list right now.


desiree said...

did you ever figure out how to work that 'shhhhhh' super power?
i'd pay top dollar for that service right now, seriously.