Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Zombie Hunting

I finally got around to coloring up some pictures I drew of my friends in zombie hunting gear. Here's the first. Just getting an idea for the color scheme and texture. I should probably try and sleep now, but sleep just won't come.


Lynell said...

Wow. I have to say that's a sexy drawring of you Mothy. Can't wait to see the rest.


Dekx said...

Haha! Now you're stuck coloring the rest, sucker!!

I gotta' say, this is why I love being the creative genius: I just come up with ideas and then lambast Mothy when he doesn't follow through with them.

Which reminds me, where the FUCK is my time machine, 'Bot? I brought it up like six times at our last lunch meeting but I still haven't killed Hitler, taken his place, and changed his message from killing everybody to one of beer, beef jerky, and rainbows, bettering all of mankind. Also, I haven't fingered that uppity chick from high school or brought back the first working dick-growing drug they finally manage to create in 2032.

mothbot said...

One thing at a time! I've gotta live with this one a bit. It's still brighter than I pictured all those months ago when I started drawing them. I think I have to go darker. Then I'll work on coloring the rest.

Dekx said...

Does it really matter what color my time machine is? Just build the bitch and gimme it.

battlmnkey said...

I can't wait to see future Dekx arguing with past or present Dekx endlessly about time machine logic.
fight! fight! fight!

Dekx said...


The amount of times the two of us push up our glasses by the bridge alone will be staggering.