Friday, September 21, 2007

Souped. UP!!

I had a 20oz Diet Mountain Dew and a cup of strong coffee with sugar this morning. I am souped UP!! To give you an idea of how I'm feeling right now, you have to realize that I have my left eye squinched shut tight enough to hold a grapefruit in it and I am clenching my teeth like I'm trying to lift a car off of my dog, who got hit because he was pushing my wife out of the way, who was in the middle of the road trying to help an elderly lady across (The dog only saved Wifey. The old lady's probably already rotting in Hell.).

Unfortunately, while I have work to do today, absolutely none of it requires this insane level of caffeination and alertness. I think I'm going to calculate a few thousand places of PI to blow off some steam.


mothbot said...

Yeah. I remember when the ol' caff' gave me a boost like that. Now, I'd have to down a bucket of coffee with a Dew chaser just to get my eyes open. Robots and Zombies don't need coffee or soda. That's kinda sad.


Dekx said...

I don't see why you couldn't make a caffeine-fueld robot. If you give him the ability to grow meat parts, then he could be at least partially infected with ZombieJuice.