Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Some of the First

First. Robots in advertising:
Has everybody seen the Heinikin Beer ad with the sexy robot chick?

Has everybody seen the credit card ad with the kid doing the robot dance with his friends?

My sweet and understanding girlfriend laughs and hugs me every time one of these come on because she knows my brain is shutting out everything except robots. Now that we have gotten that out of the way...
Here are some of the first sketches of my team of Celebrity Car Robots. Done in Photoshop to just get the ideas out of my skull. Robots take up a lot of room in my skull.

Notice how there's even a picture of the 1960's Batmobile in the picture? Yeah. But Dekx claims he was thinking I was going to use a cartoon version or some such crap. I should stab Dekx in the nekx the nekxt time I see him.

I love it when a Van comes together!


Dekx said...

I'm not gonna' lie; I was backpedaling when I said it should be the one from the Super Friends cartoon. You had me, ok?! What else do you want from me?!

*rips open shirt to expose flabulence and hairulance*

You wanna cut me? You want my blood?! Well here it is!!

mothbot said...

Thas right boy! Do it again. But this time, do it real slow and sexy like.