Wednesday, September 26, 2007

A Good Woman

I'm not going to carry on like some chump about how my marriage is perfect but I will say this: It's tough to find a good woman. Mine has always stood by me and supported me, which I greatly appreciate. But on top of that she understands (some might say "tolerates" but those people are assholes) me the way very few other women have or could. That's not to say she thinks about robots all day and gets riled up when ST:TNG fucks up another good time travel episode, but she DOES understand that that's how *I* happen to roll. I think the best way to express this concept is to say that we have a lot in common in terms of being sci-fi/comic book/action movie/video game nerds but the difference is the level of intensity: Where she might enjoy Batman Begins and leave it at that, I can be found scooping up Batman action figures by the armload while gleefully trying to shove my fat ass into the little kids' version of the Batman costume.

But despite my appreciation for this superhuman capacity for putting up with my insanity she still surprises me from time to time.

Take this morning. Prime example. I was rolling up on the front door of her work place when she suddenly yells, "STOP RIGHT HERE!!" Now I know there are some newspapers she's responsible for bringing in but the difference between where she yelled for me to stop and the place where I normally stop was probably 3 feet. So I give her shit for it.

"Oh, pshshsh, sorry if you can't handle that extra 3 feet...."

Hairy Eyeball and a long pause then, "Why you gotta' bust my vagina-balls?"

More Hairy Eyeball.

Then I was ROLLING. She was about to get out when, in the middle of laughing my ass off I said, "Hold on, hold on. Lemme get your ass back 3 feet." So I threw the White Ninja in reverse, went back 3 feet, and let her out.

Now you go out and find me 10 women at random and I promise that not ONE of them would say, "Why you gotta' bust my vagina-balls?" Fucking top gun all the way, baby!

Top gun, Mrs. Dekxington. Top gun.

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