Friday, September 7, 2007

Apocalypse Please

Anyone seen any zombies, aliens or evil robots bent on world destruction? I need an excuse to not do some work. Something big. Something that will make my job irrellevant. Survival will become my job! If you are a mad scientist, power hungry supervillian, or government lackey looking to unleash mucho devestation on an unsuspecting planet, now is the time! This is your moment to strike, and my excuse to take an extended "vacation" from work.
I'm really hoping for zombies. More so than usual since the work I have to do right now is particularly tedious and leaves me daydreaming of scrabbling through the office with only a coffee mug and a pair of scissors to fend off hundreds of zombified co-workers. My favorite part of the daydream is when I make it out of the building, chased up Huffaker hill by rotting flesh eaters, and look over toward the city only to see pillars of smoke and fire and the dark swarms of undead.
Good lord it would be beautiful! sigh.

Bored as heck,


battlmnkey said...

I felt something earlier today, some weirdness.

But then I sobered up and the world was safe again.

mothbot said...

Dang! Well, keep your eyes pealed for anything.