Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Space DIsease!!!

I guess they have the cover story in place. So called scientists say that the meteor that hit in Peru must have struck arsenic tainted water and those vapors got people sick.


Very disappointing if it's true. I think Peru must be overrun with zombies by now and the media is just covering it up. Once they sweep down the Andes through Bolivia and hit Northern Argentina, we can look forward to Zombie Gauchos! Man, I can't wait to see a Zombie Gaucho! I just like saying Zombie Gaucho. Maybe I'll name my next band that. Death Metal Rap with a South American flavor. We'll throw our deadly bolas at the audience and they will love us for it. We'll slaughter Alpacas on stage and dance around in their skins until the stage is too dangerous slippery wet and alpaca gutsy. Even Gwar will be afraid of our shows.
But, back to the point. While Argentina is destroyed by Zombie Gauchos, the Zombie Virus will be blazing through Brazil faster than AIDS and poverty combined. AIDS ridden zombies with no education or marketable skills will ravage the countryside.
Meanwhile, to the north, armed rebel groups and government death squads will band together in defense of Ecuador and Colombia. This may slow the undead down for a while, but eventually, some zombies will stumble upon a poorly defended cocaine manufacturing facility. There's not much this side of a bazooka that will stop a coked up zombie. I bet you they can even fly when they're high! Soon the hordes of AIDS zombies and Zombie Gauchos and Coked Up zombies will swarm...
So, it was arsenic tainted water. Probably.

MOTH to the B-O-T.
Zombie Gaucho!

Gauchos practice fighting zombies with their fierce knives and ponchos.


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